Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tragedy at Bukit Tabur

This would serve as a dire reminder to hikers and trekkers alike that anything can and could happen while trekking (The Star):

Missing doctors found dead

KUALA LUMPUR: Two specialist doctors, missing since Wednesday, were found dead in a ravine near the Klang Gates in Ulu Ampang yesterday.

Dr Haliza

A search-and-rescue team took over an hour to airlift the bodies from the thickly forested terrain.

Police believe the two – paediatrician Dr Haliza Mohd Shafie, 53, and paediatric surgeon Dr Amin Tai Abdullah @ Tai Yen Ming, 57 – slipped and fell about 200m after they had gone hiking.

Their car was found at the popular hikers’ spot in Bukit Melawati at 7am. Jungle trekking gear and the duo’s cellular phones were found in the car.

A full-scale search-and-rescue operation was launched by the police, Fire and Rescue, and Public Works Departments, after Dr Haliza’s husband confirmed the car belonged to her.

Tracker dogs and a helicopter search spotted the two at around 2.15pm, said Ampang Deputy OCPD Supt Amiruddin Jamaluddin.

Dr Amin Tai

“The injuries on the bodies were consistent with a fall,” he said.

The decomposing bodies were sent to Kuala Lumpur Hospital for a post-mortem.

Both specialists were attached with a medical centre in Ampang.

Their families made a police report when they did not return home on Wednesday night, State Chief Police Officer Deputy Commissioner Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said on Friday.

It was earlier reported that a security guard at the nearby dam saw two people heading into the jungle on Wednesday but did not see them return.

Some infor on Bukit Tabur:

Bukit (hill) Tabur (sprinkle) (or Bukit Taboh(fistfight), to some people) offers a chance for any climbers to see KL view. In fact, it is an ideal spot to enjoy fireworks play during new year or national day.(Apart from another mountain ; Gunung Bunga Buah, near Genting)

It is an easy climb considering a six-year old kid could manage
the route. However, don't underestimate this hill. It is something like 'strolling' along the range of hill peaks that you could see from the MRR2 highway.Plus, a lil' bit of rock climbing has to be done.Sort of MI2 scene. But, it could be quite dangerous if you do not know the tricks. The climb would take around 2 hours and another 45 minutes to scale down using another route ( would pass through fruit orchard)

Assuming you are from Karak highway, and to reach the intake at Klang Gate Dam, you have to take the left corner at Melawati area. (Giant supermarket @ commercial are would be on your right). Then, you could see food stalls on your left. Just go straight till you see an aroundabout. Take 9 o'clock turn. Go straight till you reach the second roundabout and take a 12 o'clock.

Here, you would pass a residential area,then turn right at the T-junction. Follow the sloping and turning roads. Make sure you do not take the turn into any guarded houses there.
Finally, you would encounter a Y-junction and turn left. To check this junction, there is a garbage area at the middle of the junction, and a bungalow if you turn right. Keep on until you see entrance of Klang Gate Dam. But remember, you don't have to enter the dam. The intake point is beside the gate. Check out the 'wall divider' near the gate.

Some pics of Bukit Tabur:

"Bukit Tabur, or Tabur Hill, is a magnificent limestone ridge that is, surprisingly, relatively unrecognised, despite being located in the immediate vicinity of Kuala Lumpur. The foot of the limestone ridge can be accessed through Taman Melawati, a residential area, at the entrance of the Klang Gates Dam. Bukit Tabur is also considered the longest crystal quartz outcrop in the world, making it a truly priceless geological wonder."

More infor:

Bukit Tabur is located in the District of Gombak in Selangor. It is also localy known as Bukit Hangus. The hill is very prominent and could be seen from the Middle Ring Road 2 travelling from Seri Gombak to Ampang. The hill could be access through Taman Melawati by following the Genting Klang Road which will lead to the Klang Gate Dam.

The hill, which is less than 1000 meters, is a quartz/limestone combination formation. Climbers enter the hiking trail via Kampung Klang Gates, 50 meters from the gates of the Klang Gates Dam, at the back of Taman Melawati for a quick 3-4 hours climb. The Gombak Forest Reserve and Klang Gates Dam are beside the hill. The peak offers spectacular view of the dam.

This, coming just after another trekker from RHB bank was lost/missing after a trek some 34 weeks ago in Perak and now presumed dead.

On a side note, the circumstances of the doctors' deaths is likely to raise questions as to why two colleagues of opposite sexes would want to undertake a trek by themselves instead of being in a group. Sad for their respective families but inevitable that the gossip mongers and speculation will go into overdrive here.


  1. hey

    It's such sad news about what happened to them.

    I was there just last Monday and this news really is scary.. err.

    Das Connection

  2. Berikut merupakan senarai kes-kes lampau di Bukit Tabur yang berakhir dengan kecelakaan:

    • 5 Januari 2014: Noor Asmahani Hashim, 28, mengalami kecederaan belakang, tangan dan wajah setelah terjatuh ke dalam gaung sedalam 10 meter.

    • 3 Disember 2013: Guru sains, Ng Pee Tat, 30an, maut setelah tergelincir di sebuah cerun yang curam ketika pertama kali menyertai pendakian di Bukit Tabur bersama rakan-rakannya

    • 28 September 2013: Tan Tick Soon, 51, jatuh sejauh 60 meter di cerun curam dan mengalami kecederaan serius. Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat mengambil masa empat jam untuk menyelamatkan mangsa

    • 17 Disember 2012: Seorang jurutera berusia 27 tahun terselamat setelah terjatuh dari ketinggian 100 metre ke dalam gaung di Bukit Tabur. Chan Wing Sing bagaimanapun mengalami kecederaan buku lali dan pinggang.

    • 19 Disember 2009: Lima sekawan dilaporkan sesat selama lima jam ketika mendaki Bukit Tabur, namun berjaya ditemui dengan selamat.

    • 23 September 2009: Lim Kok Leong, 51, terselamat daripada maut setelah dahan-dahan pokok memperlahankan jatuhan mangsa ketika mendaki berseorangan di Bukit Tabur. Mangsa terperangkap selama lima jam sebelum berjaya diselamatkan.

    • 28 Mac 2009: Dua doktor ditemui mati di dalam gaung berhampiran Klang Gates di Ulu Ampang selepas sebuah ekspedisi mendaki di Bukit Tabur. Kedua-dua mangsa Dr Haliza Mohd Shafie, 53, seorang pakar kanak-kanak dan Dr Amin Tai Abdullah @ Tai Yen Ming, seorang pakar bedah kanak-kanak dilaporkan tergelincir dan jatuh dalam jarak sekitar 500 meter.

    • 15 Oktober 2008: Seorang pelajar kolej jatuh dari ketinggian 100 meter namun terselamat ekoran dahan-dahan yang menahan mangsa dari jatuh dengan lebih cepat. Mangsa bagaimanapun dilaporkan cedera parah antaranya luka dalam di dahi, retak tulang rusuk serta tertusuk ke paru-paru.